Latest 510(k) Device Clearances

Date range: 2017-11-21 to 2017-12-22

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510(k) Number Device Name
K161652 DIAZIR
K161855 LED Curing Light
K162718 Foot Drop System (Model XFT-2001D)
K163414 Ultrasonic scaler
K163550 Pobling MIITY 2
K163579 KLS Martin Individual Patient Solutions
K163607 ECG Acquisition Systems
K170005 FLEX Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Human Progesterone Rece
K170028 FLEX Monoclonal Rabbit Anti-Human Estrogen Recepto
K170029 FloPump 32mL, Sterile, FloPump 32mL, Non-Sterile
K170046 Lilium a-200E
K170053 Meridian PM
K170235 Lucent«
K170236 Dental Low-speed Turbine Handpiece
K170276 Safety Blood Collection Device for Single Use
K170279 Disposable High Pressure Syringe
K170389 TAURUS PEEK Cage System
K170392 S.I.N. Implant System
K170398 S.I.N. Dental Implant System
K170414 Arthrex Univers Revers Apex Humeral Stems
K170497 V10
K170545 Automatic Wrist Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor
K170553 Altus Spine Interbody Fusion System
K170578 True Function Adjustable Herbst Appliances
K170634 Quingo Classic Power Scooter S1301, Quingo Flyte P
K170662 Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer
K170666 The Wrist-Type Fully Automatic Digital Blood Press
K170688 PIT Stop« implant
K170690 M-Vizion Femoral Revision System
K170720 Portex Blue Line Ultra Paediatric Tracheosomy Tube